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The Inspector Dalton Files follows Inspector Dalton Kingston, who works for the Earth Ward, the unofficial ruling group of Earth. He is the most technologically and biologically advanced human on the planet, and was rescued by Evaran in The Time Cube, Book 11 of The Evaran Chronicles. Now that Dalton is on Earth, he will use his abilities to investigate strange and unusual cases. The series is set on Earth in AD 2013. The Inspector Dalton Files is the second standalone spinoff series from The Evaran Chronicles. Lord Vygon, Lord Noskov, Jake Melkins, Mikhail, and Evaran and the gang make appearances in the series.

Each book in the series is standalone and focuses on an Earth Ward case. It also takes into account the everchanging nature of Earth's various factions. The series is one of linked novels rather than one with series arcs. It is slightly darker than The Evaran Chronicles, but not as far as The Earthborn. There is violence, some language, and some fade to black. Earth-based politics and factions are dived into with great detail. It is a group based series as well. Although Dalton is the lead character, he has a unique team around him that help him not only make sense of this Earth, but also handle the cases thrown their way!



Published on April 20, 2020


Book 1

Published on August 20, 2020


Book 2

Published on March 31, 2021


Book 3

Published on October 2, 2021