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A Quick Friday Update!

I have the blurb revised and ready to go for The Time Cube, Book 11 of The Evaran Chronicles!

Time can be a filter.

Evaran and the gang travel to a galaxy in the Horologium-Reticulum Supercluster in AD 801,699 to deal with not one summons, as they usually do, but two that are related to each other. The retrieval of Dalton Kingston is one summons, and the second is a day ahead to a ship a few light years away.

The problem is that the summonses lead the gang into the Tenagrin Hegemony, a brutal empire run by the Tenagrins, a snake-like species who have advanced far beyond their natural technological evolution. Another issue is they also want to retrieve Dalton Kingston and have a vested interest in the second summons.

Kess, from a previous adventure, joins up for this outing, and with some new allies, they will need to deal with not only the summonses but the Tenagrin Hegemony and a galactic region that fears humanoids.

Wednesday Update Time!

- I've revised 4/33 chapters of The Time Cube, Book 11 of The Evaran Chronicles! There is a lot to revise, so it will take some time, but It will be ready June 15 for proofread. It's interesting to read Dalton at this point in his timeline versus where he is in Otherworld, Book 1 of The Inspector Dalton Files!

I've lined up the interior formatting for the paperback on July 3, so it should be out early July. I need to check with Michael on his schedule, but I want to get the audiobook out shortly after release as well.

- I've completed the low-level outline for Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles. I'm on schedule to begin writing on it in five days!

- I plan to begin my second full read of Otherworld, Book 1 of The Inspector Dalton Files, this weekend. Assuming no issues, it will then go to Microsoft Word for the heavy passes.

- I've defined the main plot for Book 2 of The Inspector Dalton Files. One of the fun aspects of the series is that it allows for cases that are smaller in scope, They explore new ideas within limitations. It's definitely more challenging to write, but a fun challenge!

There's a lot going on. I hope your week is going well!

I received the professional edit of The Time Cube, Book 11 of The Evaran Chronicles, early this morning! I also got up to act three on book 12's outline conversion, so I think I'll wrap that up first, then swap over to the revision. Fun times!

Sunday Update Time!

- The first draft of Otherworld, Book 1 of The Inspector Dalton Files, is done! It's sitting at 72k. I'm going to let it sit for a few days, then do a full read through. After that, it goes to Microsoft Word to begin the regular passes. Professional edit is July 13, so i have about seven weeks or so to polish it!

The last few chapters were fun to write. Dalton's first case is related to the aftermath of The Cosmic Parallel, Book 8 of The Evaran Chronicles, and the damage it caused which is identified in The Time Cube, Book 11 of The Evaran Chronicles.

I like the team plus guests approach. It does involve a wide cast, and in Otherworld, that list contains:

- Executioner, the ex-slayer
- Ranasa, a young witch from the Ogben coven
- Gary, a werebull from the Tanner pack
- Skylka, demigod, granddaughter of Circe

The cover is slated for July, so I'm looking forward to that!

- I got an update on the professional edit for The Time Cube, Book 11 of The Evaran Chronicles, and Eliza said she would have it to me within the next few days. Proofread is June 15, so the timing is good. Once I get it back, the revision will be my highest priority. This is on track for a launch in about a month.

- I finished a third of the high-to-low level outline conversion for Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles. I'm still debating a title, but I have narrowed it down to a few. Once I'm done with the outline conversion, I'll pick the title.

The cover is planned for September, which gives me three months of writing to determine what it will be. Finishing the conversion is my highest priority at the moment.

I hope your weekend is going well and you're staying safe out there!

Wednesday Update Time!

- I hit 65k on Otherworld, Book 1 of The Inspector Dalton Files! That is about the halfway point in act three, so there's only a few chapters left. The heavy action is done, and now it's the aftermath and what it all means.

I love writing that part, and it's probably longer than it should be in most of my books. I view it not not only as a place to wrap things up, but also to explore what's been learned and discovered throughout the book.

Dalton has a lot to go through, but he is happy with the new team he has assembled based on Evot's picks. He also needs to discuss the case with the Earth Ward, and then with the ancient vampires. That part entails a cookout on Lord Noskov's platform outside his base with Evaran and the gang.

- I've started the Excel conversion of the outline for Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles. As there is a three day weekend coming up, I hope to get it done by next Monday!

- My next outlining project is Book 2 of The Inspector Dalton Files. One of the changes that will be seen from book 1 to book 2 is that the team has upgraded their equipment and outfits. I hope to be done with that one in a few months, and I plan to begin writing it in late August.

- Rest of 2020 launch schedule:
June - The Time Cube, Book 11 of The Evaran Chronicles
August - Otherworld, Book 1 of The Inspector Dalton Files
October - Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles
December - Book 2 of The Inspector Dalton Files

I do plan to do three more audiobooks this year:

- The Time Cube, Book 11 of The Evaran Chronicles
- Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles
- Earthborn, book 1 of The Earthborn

I hope your week is going well!

Sunday Update Time!

- I hit 60k on Otherworld, Book 1 of The Inspector Dalton Files! The action is heating up, and based on where I'm at, I suspect this will probably end up at 70k in total.

This is an interesting act three to write since the Arillian Power Ranks (APR) involved are much lower. The team comes together to fight for each other across worlds. Various factions are present and i enjoy writing fights like that.

Dalton makes use of his portal abilities, while Todd shows off his leadership skills. Brad displays his technological prowess (Don't bring a cellphone to a fight in the forest!) while Valerie does what she does best: fight hard and take names while being snarky about it. Evot brings support that only she can do.

- I've finished the first high-level outline draft for Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles. I suspect that like The Time Cube, Book 11 of The Evaran Chronicles, and The Human Factor, Book 7 of The Evaran Chronicles, this one will be as long, if not more.

There are several plots that all intertwine. One deals with Sivaran and Q. Dr. Snowden, Emily, and V delight in meeting another version of Evaran, one that is more technologically advanced, but also with a quirky and humorous personality. Evaran takes notes of their interaction for...reasons. ;)

Another deals with Lord Vygon and the ancient vampires origin on Earth. How he knows so much about the future is addressed, at least a part of it is. The other part is addressed six books later. The third series arc plot aspect is also present in this book.

Usually when I can turn on my mental camera and sneak around watching the scenes, I know I'm on the right path. While fun, I sometimes lose track of time!

The next step is to convert the high-level outline into my Excel low-level format, where everything is broken down by scene and locations are set. Sometimes things change during translation but that's okay. Once it's in my low-level format, it's writing time!

I hope your weekend is going well!

I've been watching Young Justice on the DC network. I was not sure what to expect initially, but was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the show. Although the first season seemed somewhat tame, it got darker in the later seasons. I'm on season three now, and they have a season four coming.

One of the cool aspects is it introduces a lot of characters. It was neat watching Robin turn to Nightwing (similar to the Titans series), and they even had Kid Flash in this!

It's also interesting to compare it to the live series. Miss Martian, aka M'gann M'orzz or Megan Morse, pretends to be Martian Manhunter's niece in Young Justice. However, in live-action Supergirl, he's asking for a little sugar! :O


Wednesday Update Time!

- I hit 57k on Otherworld, Book 1 of the Inspector Dalton Files! I'm in act three now, and on track to be done with the first draft by end of month. It goes to Miranda for professional edit on July 13. That gives me about six weeks to get the manuscript polished.

In the last chapter, Dalton and Valerie got more than they bargained for, and in the current chapter, Todd and Brad have stepped up their game. One of the fun aspects of Evot is also displayed in that she can be in two places at once with her servbots.

- It's been about two and half weeks since The Time Cube, Book 11 of The Evaran Chronicles, went to professional edit. I hope to get it back within the next week or two, then it's revision time. Proofread is June 15, about a month away!

I plan to get the paperback out quicker this time around, and I will strive to get the audiobook out faster as well.

- I've made more progress on the outline for Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles. I still plan to begin writing on it by July 1. The Prologue is going to be...different.

- I'm working on converting my website from using Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4. Although you won't be able to see any differences (hopefully), it will be a nice tool to have for the knowledge base. It will one day see light, I promise! :D

I hope your week is going well. Stay safe out there!

Sunday Update Time!

- I hit 55k on Otherworld, Book 1 of The Inspector Dalton Files! I'm halfway through the last scene before Act 3. As I was writing this chapter, I realized some setup was missing, so I went back and made sure those points were addressed.

I did a full read up to the point I'm at, and everything reads good so far. I did add bits and pieces that needed to be addressed, and that alone was almost 1k words!

It may seem like I'm going a bit slower on this in terms of writing, and that is mainly because this is a Book 1. I'm taking everything I've learned craft-wise and taking additional time to self-edit as I go. It will lessen the heavy pass later on. I'm also ensuring that everything related to lore and chronology is accurate.

Act 3 will be fun to write. Every faction introduced makes an appearance, and Dalton and crew puts it all on the line.

- I've made more progress on the outline for Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles. Usually when starting these, I define the antagonist and their goals, then the high-level plot along with the traveling companions.

Once that's done, I define the major sections of the book like the inciting event, pinch points, mid point, etc. Each one gets a bulleted list of events that advance the main and subplots.

I have the antagonist defined already which implies a certain event occurred, As for the traveling companions. Siveran, the sixth plane form that initially entered the plane, along with Q, his faithful AI companion, will be joining the crew. Levaran was the eighth, so it will be interesting to see events from Siveran and Q's point of view. There is one other companion, but I'm still evaluating that.

Although the high-level plot has already been decided on, there is another one I'm considering adding. I plan to have all sections defined by end of month, at which point I will begin writing!

I hope your weekend is going well!

Wednesday Update Time!

- I hit 51k on Otherworld, Book 1 of The Inspector Dalton Files. Dalton and Valerie have a plan and are enacting it, while Todd and Brad are doing their plan.

There are quite a few factions in the first book, but I wanted to highlight that aspect, especially in a shared universe.

The Ogben Coven - A Daedrould witch coven that controls a large swath of forest in southern Ohio.They're led by High Priestess Kreelah.

The Tanner Pack - An outsider group of shifters. They're led by Jim Duggan, a werewolf, and occupy a tavern called The Warehouse.

The Kaz Lodat - An alien species that crossed through a rift long ago. They were called demons by most and hunted to near extinction by the Helians, but the Kaz Lodat survived.

The Faith Militia - A human group of zealots hellbent on eradicating all nonhumans. Members are known as slayers.

Ex-Slayers - Humans that left the Faith Militia. Executioner represents them in this book

Local Police - Mostly human, but infiltrated by the Tanner pack.

Sheriff's Department - Human group that is unaware nonhumans exist.

Earth Ward - Nonhuman group that unofficially rules Earth and wants to establish relations with the Ogben Coven and Tanner Pack. They send Dalton as both inspector and ambassador to assist in a case involving something new.

Evaran and the gang - They won't interfere in an event within a stable timeline. However, as this book has Dalton's team formation, Evaran and the gang won't pass up a cookout after the case at Lord Noskov's base! It also gives a chance for Dalton to update the ancient vampires on events.

- While The Time Cube, Book 11 of The Evaran Chronicles, is in professional edit, I'm focusing hard on Book 12's outline. I plan to have the rough outline done by this weekend.

I hope your week is going well!