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A Short Wednesday Update!

- I've revised 14/21 chapters of Otherworld, Book 1 of The Inspector Dalton Files! I'm making good progress, and plan to be done by this Sunday.

- I hit 53k on The Evaran Impact, Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles. I took some time writing the current chapter since it ties in a lot of explanation. It also required me to update some previous sections, but it all came together! I still have a few more tweaks to do, though.

I hope your week has been going well!

Sunday Update Time!

- I've reviewed 7/21 chapters of Otherworld, Book 1 of The Inspector Dalton Files! Everything is flowing smooth, and I'm on track to wrap this up by next weekend. Then I will peck at it until the 17th when it goes to Alexa.

I recently sent out a newsletter that had a signup for Advanced Review Copies. (ARC) Usually I require a previous review on any book. However, as this is a Book 1, I made it open meaning no previous review required. If you're interested, just shoot me an email at Adair.Hart.Author@gmail.com.

It might seem counter-intuitive to send out a lot of review copies on the launch of a new series as the book is given away. However, a review is far more important to me than a sale at a point in time. The usual ratio is 1 review for every 100 sales.

- I hit 51k on The Evaran Impact, Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles. The mid point is wrapped up, and the first chapter after it is done. The next chapter is information dense as Evaran raises his finger and drops an analysis. This one will be fun as it goes into detail for transdimensional beings.

- In Book 2 of The Inspector Dalton Files, a new type exotic energy faction is introduced. Lightmires possess Alkarin energy and are natural enemies of vampires. While Lightmires share similar speed and strength, they feed on disease and can heal humans. They have a spike they can shoot out from their palms to interact with a body.

They are rare, even more so than WildBorn, due to almost being hunted to extinction, but one of their special abilities is they come off as human to other nonhumans. Lightmires avoid the Earth Ward and tend to work in small groups. One jab from a Lightmire can disable and even kill other nonhumans. Dalton and team will be going to an area that seems empty of nonhumans, but is instead a Lightmire spot.

I hope your weekend is going well!

This is the official blurb for Otherworld, Book 1 of The Inspector Dalton Files:

Investigating cases can be hard, especially when they involve another world.

Earth Ward Inspector Dalton Kingston’s cases have been getting harder since his arrival to this Earth six months ago. They’re taking a physical toll on him. Forming a team is not only a good idea, but it will help him address his next case.

A rash of murders and disappearances in Southern Ohio normally would not be something he investigated. However, when it’s the Tanner Pack, a vicious weregang, making the request for help, that’s another story.

Dealing with the case is one issue, but doing it with a new team is a challenge unto itself. They must navigate a powder keg of various factions and solve the case or risk losing a potential new Earth Ward ally. Dalton finds himself in a familiar role and providing what comes naturally to him—leadership.

A Short Wednesday Update!

- Miranda sent me back the edited manuscript of Otherworld, Book 1 of The Inspector Dalton Files! I've already revised the front/back matter, blurb, and first two chapters, so 19 more chapters to go! Proofread is on August 17th, but I should have this ready well before then.

- I hit 48k on The Evaran Impact, Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles. I hoped to be further along, but went back and tweaked Wardax and Dr. Snowden's interaction. I also added another scene between them. I'm having fun writing about their discussions, and Wardax can be quite persuasive.

I hope your week is going well!

A Short Sunday Update!

- I hit 46.5k on The Evaran Impact, Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles. I'm about done with the mid point. Although the group of Evaran, Sivaran, Lord Vygon, Emily, and V in body mode are powerful, Wardax has adapted. He approaches situations a bit differently than previous antagonists. It probably helps that he captured Dr. Snowden. That's no easy feat! However, when you have Q on your team, interesting solutions arise.

- I should be getting the professional edit back for Otherworld, Book 1 of The Inspector Dalton Files, next week. That will become my highest priority when I get it back!

- I've been focusing a lot more on the high level notes for book 2 of The Inspector Dalton Files. The setting for it will most likely be a city in the Southern United States. At the rate I'm going with this, I may be able to start on this next month!

I hope your weekend has been going well!

I'm part of a pawsome promotion, stories with a nonhuman sidekick! I have Transition, The Inspector Dalton Files prequel, in this one. Evot on her hind legs and swatting in the air to music definitely qualifies. If you're interested in similar stories, check it out!


Wednesday Update Time!

- I hit 42k on The Evaran Impact, Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles. I really enjoyed writing a scene with Q and V discussing a techno-organic virus. The gang, minus Dr. Snowden, has a plan, and Emily is more than ready to go!

One aspect I like about this story is it fills in a lot of backstory for Lord Vygon. It will make you wonder about previous interactions with the gang and what he knew. I especially liked writing about how he got his blunted forearm blades!

- Miranda mentioned she is halfway through the professional edit of Otherworld, Book 1 of The Inspector Dalton Files. I'm looking forward to getting it back for revision!

- I have two projects that are outside my normal scheduling. The first is Tom doing the box set cover for books 7-9 of the Evaran Chronicles in late August. It's only a matter of assembling the eBook then, which I will have done by mid August.

The second is a sixty second video ad that has seven custom scenes from Tom. I don't know when that will happen, but the talks are back on for it! This was a very rough template from 2015, but I plan to update it obviously:


I hope your week has been going well. Two days until the weekend!

The paperback for The Time Cube, Book 11 of the Evaran Chronicles, is finally live! It seems my last adjustments to the cover passed their test. So eBook and paperback are done, and audio is the last format left!


The ACX project for the audiobook of The Time Cube, Book 11 of The Evaran Chronicles, has been setup, and Michael has accepted it. Tom also updated the cover with Michael's new production name.

Production will begin next month, and Michael has the pronunciation guide and manuscript now. I suspect this will be an early September launch, and ACX estimates it to be just a bit over 12 hours. Looking forward to hearing Dalton speak!

Sunday Update Time!

- I hit 39k on The Evaran Impact, Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles. I took some time to catch the chronology up and even more time to refactor the Zayt some.

I thought I had them planned out well, but as I was writing, I determined a different, but fascinating, path for them. This required me to read everything that had been written so far and adjust it to fit the new model.

The scene I'm on now is a fun one. Evaran and Sivaran are doing an analysis with V and Q. Lord Vygon and Emily are spectators, but they learn about how the Zayt are doing what they're doing.

I'm about a chapter and a half away from the midpoint. My gut feeling is this will be about a 100k or so book, so I'm almost at the halfway mark. The cover for this is coming in September.

- KDP Print rejected my paperback cover again, but i fixed what they think is wrong and resubmitted. When they reject it again, I'll call them again so they can explain. Their inconsistency is maddening, and I feel like sometimes they single books out to make it appear as if they're doing something.

- I'm focusing today on getting the pronunciation guide and ACX project setup for The Time Cube, Book 11 of The Evaran Chronicles. I had meant to do it earlier, but it got pushed due to other things. The hopeful goal is for it to begin production next month!

I hope your weekend is going well!