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A Short Wednesday Update!

- I hit 31k on Lightville, Book 2 of The Inspector Dalton Files. Brad, Rick, and Todd just fought the Star Lotus clan, while Dalton and Valerie met with Felix Valente, owner of The Fringe, a bar on top of an underground compound meant to satisfy many desires.

I'm about two and a half chapters from the midpoint. Dalton will finally get to use his recall portal ability because they're going to a parallel Earth!

- I've reviewed 11/29 chapters of The Evaran Impact, Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles. I'm making good progress, and there isn't as much cleanup as I thought there would be in this pass. A part of that is due to being more aware of what I write when I do the initial first draft.

- I haven't forgotten about the knowledge base site! By cthulhu, it will be done. It's on a backburner for now, but I'm continuing to centralize everything into Scrivener.

I hope your week is going well!

Sunday Update Time!

- I hit 28k on Lightville, Book 2 of The Inspector Dalton Files. Now that I'm back on track, things are coming together easier! Dalton and Valerie are at The Fringe, a lightmire bar, while Todd, Rick, and Brad just wrapped up a secret meeting with a homicide detective. Evot is in both places of course. I have one more chapter before a big action one!

The cover for this is scheduled for December, and that's only six weeks away. I'll need to hunker down and do a cover mockup before then.

- I've reviewed 6/29 chapters of The Evaran Impact, Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles. I'll do two today, so that will start me off at 8/29 for the week, over a third done! I've had to some minor cleanup so far, but after this pass comes the overall redundancy checks. That's a few weeks away still, so I'll continue plugging away.

- I got my new ad running, and attached is the graphic I cobbled together. The page it goes to is a new one on my site dedicated to showing cover, blurb, and retailer links:


Time will tell how well it does, but regardless, I really like the graphic, but I'm biased!

- The next book will be Book 13 of The Evaran Chronicles. I'm still working on the high-level outline, but expect to begin writing on it early 2021. It will cover a major question of "How" for the third series arc, whereas book 12 confirms a result (Although it's not known at the time).

After that is Book 3 of The Inspector Dalton Files. That one will focus on the team split up some. Dalton visits the dimensional prison the Earth Ward maintains, while Brad and others visit the Wild Haven Institute. Dr. Snowden makes an appearance there.

I hope your weekend is going well!

For those who have watched seasons one and two of Star Trek: Discovery, season three started today! Time travel, wormholes, aliens, is this an Evaran Chronicles novel?! Commander Burnham is 930 years in the future, and the Federation is gone...sorta. I loved the technology and setting in the first episode.

Star Trek is by far the largest inspiration for The Evaran Chronicles and I'm glad live action Star Trek is back!


Wednesday Update Time!

- I've reviewed the prologue and chapters one and two of The Evaran Impact, Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles. I'm doing about one chapter a weekday, then five over the weekend is the goal. That should fit nicely within a three week window!

- I've finished the revisions to Lightville, Book 2 of The Inspector Dalton Files. I had to rewrite some parts and move whole scenes around, but I'm back to where I left off at. It's writing time!

- Michael is still at work getting the audiobook produced for the The Time Cube, Book 11 of the Evaran Chronicles. I look forward to audio proofing it!

- I think I've finalized what my new ad will be. I'll be working on that over time, but hopefully sooner than later. I personally hate ads, but it's the only effective way I've found to get out the word about the Evaranverse.

I do run four Facebook ads currently: one for each prequel for signup to my mailing list (2.6k strong now!), and one for the audio box set.This new one will point to a page with all books, their blurbs, and retailer links. I have an image in mind that will serve as the graphic, and I'm excited to work on it!

I hope your week has been going well!

Sunday Update Time!

- I finished the second Scrivener pass of The Evaran Impact, Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles. There were several things to clean up, but I got it where I wanted it. I then converted it to Microsoft Word for the first pass which is the formatting aspect and also breaking up large paragraphs and tweaking things. As it sits now, it is roughly 98k.

I start the second MS Word pass tomorrow which is the heavy one. I go scene by scene and run it through both my accumulated notes and ProWriting Aid. This will probably take about three weeks, so I'm looking for potential professional editing to occur in November.

- I didn't make much writing progress on LIghtville, Book 2 of The Inspector Dalton Files. The focus of my time was on getting The Evaran Impact in position to begin the heavy pass. However, I did make some changes to Lightville in terms of plot.

As I read to refresh myself, I didn't like the flow. Individually, the scenes are good, but it was off. A big part of that is due to the original plot. I took some thinking time on it, and while a portion of the main plot is intact, it's been altered heavily. I really like the new twist and it's in line with the series theme. To that end, I've been tweaking scenes and moving them around!

- I finished "Raised By Wolves", an interesting sci-fi show on HBO Max. Despite not being able to see it on my Roku, and HBOMax as a service generally being slow, the show was good. Androids are front and central and i liked the setting.


A Short Wednesday Update!

- I hit 25k on Lightville, Book 2 of The Inspector Dalton Files. The team has dealt with their unexpected encounter, and have split up to cover more ground. I also got the chronology up to date, and while doing so, updated a few areas. I'm coming up on the point between act 1 and the midpoint. That means things are about to get wild!

- I reviewed 18/29 chapters of the second scrivener pass of The Evaran Impact, Book 12 of the Evaran Chronicles. I had to make some changes which i think work much better. In particular, how Wardax is doing what he's doing. I believe I'm on target to move this to Microsoft word this weekend.

I hope your week is going well!

Sunday Update Time!

- I hit 22k on Lightville, Book 2 of The Inspector Dalton Files! The team has moved on from the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) and are investigating the crime scene. The next scene shows that they aren't alone there!

I enjoyed researching crime scenes in general, and who goes and does what and in what sequence. From first responders to the relationship between medical examiners doing death investigation and local police doing crime scene investigation.

As Evot discovers, not all organics are happy to talk with her and some find her assessments condescending. It's a tough lesson for her, but she has a team to help her through it!

- I hit chapter 9/29 on my second pass of The Evaran Impact, Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles. I've already made some changes based on the end of the book, but everything is flowing smooth now.

I always find it interesting when I start a book and I have a clear image of what something is, then by the end of the book, it's changed. I then have to ensure that the other parts of the book line up correctly.

I also insert more presence for characters if I find them lacking in a scene. I already have an internal note to myself to add more Q, because who doesn't need a little Q in their life!

- I listened to the first hour of the audiobook for The Time Cube, Book 11 of The Evaran Chronicles! It sounded good, and I approved the ACX checkpoint. This means the full production is open now and Michael can begin uploading the rest of the book as he completes it.

- I updated my website with the cover for The Evaran Impact. You can see it under the "Next Release" section on the home page and on the "Upcoming" page:


I was going to tweak the albooks page to support a new ad I wanted to do, but realized the page would be somewhat unwieldy with the level of information I envisioned. I'm still looking at it, though.

I hope your weekend is going well!

Wednesday Update Time!

- I hit 19k on LIghtville, Book 2 of The Inspector Dalton Files. The team is at the Criminal Investigation Bureau learning more about the incident that brought them there. Todd is about to visit the crime scene investigator. I enjoyed writing the more investigative aspects of the story and had to do some research on the various approaches at a high level.

Evot is a happy camper since she is in her human form, and gets to wear an official outfit. Rick gets to show the homicide division what a SG-5 and SP-8 can do. Brad is poking around in systems while Valerie observes everything. Poor Dalton is trapped in the Captain's office talking shop!

- I start the second Scrivener pass on The Evaran Impact, Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles, tomorrow. That shouldn't take too long, but in the next few weeks is when I'll hit the second Microsoft Word pass which is the heavy one.

- MIchael is now doing the fifteen minute audio part for The Time Cube, Book 11 of The Evaran Chronicles. Once that's in, then I can go to the next step in ACX, and he can enter the chapters as he goes!

- I'm going to be trying a new Facebook ad approach, and as such, may redo my all books page. This will be a weekend project for sure. If I do go ahead with it, I'll post the graphic I plan to use. Time to break out the ole Photoshop!

I hope your week is going well. Two days until the weekend!

The cover for The Evaran Impact, Book 12 of The Evaran Chronicles. You'll notice that the color palette is similar to The Time Refugee, Book 4 of The Evaran Chronicles, and The Shadow Connection, Book 6 of The Evaran Chronicles.

On the cover, The Torvatta streaks toward something that should not be there in Sivaran's universe!