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Sunday Update Time!

- I hit 97k on The Time Cube, book 11 of the Evaran Chronicles. The first half of the meat of act 3 is done, and I'm on the second part now. which will be two more chapters. After that, it's on to the final two wrapup chapters, so four chapters total until the first draft is done!

V gets to go in body mode and I enjoyed writing the chapter from his perspective. He notices things that may seem obscure, but it helps him put things into perspective based on his organic interaction library.

The Tenagrins put to use the knowledge they should not have and as prepared as the group is, sometimes they can't prepare for everything. One thing the Tenagrins are very good at is adapting. They may lose a fight, but the next time they're encountered, they will have evolved their tactics, even against someone as powerful as Evaran.

- I hit 29k on The Transition, The Dalton Files prequel. I'm one scene away from act 3. Brad gets a scene with Evot, and she allows him to join her in an unsecured part of her memory to peruse files. I enjoyed writing that scene as they fly through a virtual file system.

I'll probably end up adding one or two more scenes with Brad earlier in the book to lend some perspective, and most likley one or two Evot scenes.

Dalton so far has illustrated most of his abilities minus the Torvatta Touch, and has fought a variety of enemies to showcase those abiities. However, he will get a taste of what the nonhuman world has in its ranks in act 3.

I've worked on the cover brief some. It will be a split cover. The left half will show his scoutspectre armor and his two servbots in their spider drone mode against a ship background.

The right half will display the other half of him in his official Earth Ward Inspector outfit with Evot in her gray cat and black crow form against a modern Earth backdrop. His eyes will have a slight golden glow and his hand a blue one on the Earth side. I'm still tweaking the font style and layout some, so there's still some work to do.

- Based on the tweaks I've done for Dalton in The Time Cube, and The Transition, I've updated the outline for Book 1 of the Dalton Files. While The Time Cube showcases his Torvatta Touch and the prequel doesn't, book 1 of The Dalton Files will use it.

- I'm planning on putting together the Earthborn box set next weekend. If all goes well, it should be a straightforward process, and I'll most likely send out a newsletter at that time.

The March newsletter will be for the launch of Redemption, book 5 of the Earthborn, and the audiobook for The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles.

The April newsletter will hopefully be for the launch of The Transition, The Dalton Files prequel, and possibly The Time Cube, book 11 of the Evaran Chronicles. Busy time!

I know this update was long, and I actualy held back some information! Nonetheless, I hope your weekend went well!

Quick Thursday Update!

I got the first 30 minutes back for the audiobook of The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles! That's the following sections:
- Story So Far
- Evaran's Technology
- Prologue
- Chapter 1

I've updated ACX that the first fifteen is in, so now it's open for the rest of the book!

Wednesday Update Time!

- I hit 92k on The Time Cube, book 11 of the Evaran Chronicles. I'm deep in the first chapter of the heavy action. The time of planning is over, it's plan execution time! The gang has a small army with them, and they're going to be needed.

I've enjoyed writing from Kess's perspective due to her history in The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles. Her expanded relationship with Dr. Snowden is explored, and she becomes closer with Emily, Evaran, and V. Her and Dalton get along famously since they are both evolved humans and she does it all while flinging her arm in the air and snapping!

Dalton's enhanced virtual intelligence, Evot, underwent her upgrade to a fun and life-loving AI, and emerges at an awkward time. She's in a good place to become self-aware though. V will be busy with his professor hat! The last time he saw an AI created was Edev, Levaran's version of V, so he has something to compare against.

- I hit 25k on The Transition, The Dalton Files prequel. I took some time to read through this from the beginning to ensure everything was going smooth before adding the last 4k.

As I'm writing two books at the same time, sometimes I'll get an idea, but need to ensure it's consistent. For example, Evot loves her cat and crow nano bot forms and she's really evolved since becoming an AI. As she is a main character, I needed to make sure that references to her emergence as an AI match the event in The Time Cube.

One thing I'm paying close attention to is that all Dalton's nano suit modes, combat abilities, and personality are consistent. He is powerful, but so are his enemies.He's still new to human and nonhuman politics on Earth, and the role of Inspector was recently created, something that he has embraced.

There are four chapters left here before the prequel is wrapped up, and the plan is for it to go to edit in March. Once this is done, I'll be moving on to Book 1 of the Dalton Files which is set seven years after the prequel!

- Redemption, book 5 of the Earthborn, is in MIranda's hands, so it's a waiting game now!

- Michael updated me that he's making progress and will have something soon for the audiobook of The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles. I'm looking forward to hearing Dr. Snowden get his boogie on while Ziekah plays games with the past!

I hope your week has been going well. Only two more days until the weekend!

Sunday Update Time!

- I hit 88k on The Time Cube, book 11 of the Evaran Chronicles. After a notable event, the final target is investigated. The next four chapters are the meat of act 3. That will be about 12k or so, then another 10k after that, so I'm looking at 110k or so when I type The End.

I've had a lot of fun planning out the final encounter. I also enjoyed describing the locales the gang will travel too. The Tenagrin Hegemony is tough and there's a reason they've dominated over a thousand systems.

The next chapter deals with the holo room planning session, and first steps. I would compare it in scope to what the gang faced in The Human Factor, book 7 of the Evaran Chronicles, except the Tenagrins have been getting help that they shouldn't be.

- I've sent my files for Redemption, book 5 of the Earthborn, to Miranda! It's professional edit time! She has given me a March 6th completion date, so about a month from now. I'll most likely launch then somewhere in March.

- I plan to put the Earthborn Box Set: Books 1-3 together before March. I have the files and cover, and it will be launched this month in preparation for Redemption's March launch. The box set will be .99 during that time, but launch initially at the normal 7.99.

- I hit 21k on The Transition, The Dalton Files. Dalton gets a chance to show off his martial arts skills in an underground parking garage in Louisville.

He meets Brad Washington, a WildBorn who can talk to technology. That ability served him well on the cyberpunk parallel Earth he came from. He's thin, dark skinned, has a shaved head, and likes to wear jeans and band shirts. Tattoo sleeves cover his arms and in my head, he looks sort of like Pharrell Williams, except he isn't singing the song "Happy"! Brad is highly intelligent and his wit is sharp, but he has a chip on his shoulder.

He's used to dealing with augmented humans, AIs, and androids in a corporate dystopia, a far cry from what he finds on this Earth. HIs skills make him a target by both humans and nonhumans. He joins Dalton's crew in book 1. Below is Brad's first encounter with Dalton:

“I’m Inspector Dalton Kingston, Earth Ward. I have some questions.”
The Wildborn looked back at the entrance he came from, then at Dalton. “I can’t answer shit If I’m dead!”
Dalton’s eyes narrowed. “You’re being chased.”
“Uhh...yeah. The wild as hell running give it away? Now move, man! There’s six angry ass mercs coming.”

I hope your weekend went well!

Wednesday Update Time!

- I hit 84k on The Time Cube, Book 11 of the Evaran Chronicles. Eagle-eyed observers might have noticed I dropped the trap part. I think the shortened name works better. I was thinking that when the time cube is revealed, readers would know it was a trap because it was in the title!

Nonetheless, I'm in act 3 now, and Dr. Snowden is wondering what the heck is going on at 3 a.m. when the Torvatta is making muted thumping noises. One of the more notable moments in the series so far is what's going on!

- I'm getting close to finishing my final pass on Redemption, book 5 of the Earthborn. It goes to Miranda in five days, so I better hustle!

- I hit 17k on The Transition, The Dalton Files prequel, and I'm at the midpoint. Dalton is healing up and talks with Valerie Simmons, a non-Daedrould vampire, which is rare. She will be joining his crew in Book 1.

The prequel has a secondary objective of introducing members of his crew. This is Dalton's first time meeting them in different situations. He's hunting one, almost fought another, and rescued the other. The next chapter has him catching up to his target, but not everything is as it seems.

- I received the pronunciation guide back from Michael Pauley for The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles. We're good to go there, and the next step is to wait for the first fifteen minutes. He nailed the voices as always, and I'm looking forward to listening to it!

- I took a step back from my knowledge base project and decided to tweak the design some. However, it's back in full swing and I have a new gameplan with it. I've already made the architectural changes, and so far everything is working. I'm looking forward to getting this out there this year!

I hope your week has been going well!

Sunday Update Time!

- I hit 80k on The Time Cube Trap, book 11 of the Evaran Chronicles, and I'm one scene away from act 3. The gang is in a familiar place that those who have read The Time Refugee, book 4 of the Evaran Chronicles, might remember.

Evaran is suprised at what he finds when he realizes what's going on. Everyone else is surprised that Evaran is surprised!

I wrote what I call an exploratory chapter as V and a friend go deep inside Gizris Korl, a Tenagrin city, while the rest of the gang watches in the holo room. These type of chapters are heavy on description and observation. it's also a calmer period as opposed to the hectic fight aboard a resistance cruiser. Below is a snippet where Dr. Snowden decides to quiz Emily in the command center:

Dr. Snowden chuckled. “It’s who I am.” He motioned at the star in the distance. “I’m sure Emily will tell us that the Tollikus star is a...”
Emily stood and went over to the front. She pulled up a window with the star and studied the data labels around it. Her brow wrinkled as she played with her pony tail.
“Umm...it’s older than our sun...hydrogen burning...smaller than our sun...and the surface temperature is averaging 4400 Kelvin. It’s an orange dwarf!” she said.
“Very good,” said Dr. Snowden, clapping.
The others joined in.
Emily bowed.
“Now what main-sequence type is it?” asked Dr. Snowden, grinning.
“K-type of course,” she said. “Our sun is G-type.”
Dr. Snowden’s eyes widened. “You have been studying.”
She smiled. “Yeah.”
Dalton nodded. “K-type is often valued when searching for alien life.”
Emily pointed a finger at Dalton. “Because of the expanded habitable zone and less ultraviolet radiation, which is bad for DNA. Right?”
“Analysis. The monument has been located in the city known as Gizris Korl and Emily is wise.”
Evaran half smiled. “Yes, she is. V, take us to the monument.”

- I'm cruising along in my final readthrough of Redemption, book 5 of the Earthborn. It goes to Miranda for professional edit next weekend, so I'm reading abut five chapters a days. I've only had to make a few minor tweaks so far.

- I hit 14k on The Transition, The Dalton Files prequel. I would have been further, but I took some time to finalize his abilities, appearance, and personality. Some of those aspects changed when writing in two books, but it helps to ensure consistency.

I hope your weekend is going well and for those planning to watch the superbowl, I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Friday!

- Who is Dalton Kingston?

Dalton is a 104 year old evolved human from timeline 342. How he got to Earth is detailed in The Time Cube Trap, book 11 of the Evaran Chronicles. His first month there is detailed in The Transition, The Dalton Files prequel. Book 1 of the Dalton Files takes place seven years after that.

Dalton holds the role of Inspector in the Earth Ward. He is the most technologically and biologically advanced human on the planet. Evaran would normally not allow that, nor would the Kreagan Star Empire, but the Torvatta has a few things to say about that.

Although Dalton has a lot of advantages, each one individually has a weakness. For instance, he has an energy shield he can deploy, but if he gets flanked, that's not going to help much. He also has genetically engineered super cells that provide rapid cellular regeneration. That doesn't help if he's missing his head or has a hole in his chest. It's his combined use of abilites in a tactical and efficent manner which keeps him alive.

- Appearance

I usually try to find reference material when designing a character. It gives me a base to work with. Dalton's nanotech suit can morph into various looks. You can see in the attached picture that his outfits fall into three broad categories: Casual, Official, and Scoutspectre. The ScoutSpectre one is what is worn in The Time Cube Trap. The casual and offical ones are used more in The Transition.

The coloring and some items in the images are slightly different than what I have in mind. As an example, the Scoutspectre helmet I describe is different and in casual, his boots are black. Nonetheless, these images serve as useful base references.

- Ambient Mood

As you might have guessed, I usually have an audio theme in mind that I listen to when writing. In the case for The Transition, it is:


I'm enjoying writing Dalton. One moment he's talking to Evaran about dreams, then I switch books, and Dalton is fighting in a trailer park against eight Faith Militia slayers hellbent on taking his head. I'm writing Dalton in two different time periods, but when writing about time travel, that's to be expected.

I hope everyone had a great week. The weekend is upon us!

MIchael Pauley has accepted my ACX offer to start the audiobook for The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles! I meant to mention this yesterday. I sent him the the pronunciation guide and the manuscript on Sunday, so the next step is to wait for the pronunciation guide.

On an audiobook related note, I have a lot of Audible codes for each book thanks to the new ACX promo system. If anyone wants an audiobook (from the prequel to book 9), either shoot me an email at adair.hart.author@gmail.com or send me a message here and I'll get you a code.

Wednesday Update Time!

- I hit 74k on The Time Cube Trap, book 11 of the Evaran Chronicles. The halfway point between the midpoint and Act 3 is done, and I'm two chapters away from act 3.

The halfway point was tough for Emily, as she gets a first hand look at a Tenagrin warlock, or a shaper as she knows it. Shapers are those who can control/shape a field around them, like Draxus from The Human Factor, book 7 of the Evaran Chronicles. The strength of the fields depends on what they are. Draxus's field was strong since he was a Wildborn conduit, and these Tenagrin warlocks have an energy Evaran has never seen before.

Everyone is in cooldown mode the chapter after, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Dalton talks to Evaran about these strange dreams he's been having about a woman of pure energy...

- I've begun my final read of Redemption, book 5 of the Earthborn. I enjoy this last pass since the idea is that I'm reading it as if I didn't write it, but if I need to tweak something, I can.

Although this is the last book in the Earthborn series, there will most likely be a trilogy set after this event coming later on, so you haven't seen the last of Blake Brown and crew!

- I've hit 10k on The Transition, The Dalton Files prequel. I'm enjoying writing on modern day Earth and exploring the aspect of advanced technology being used against modern day systems. I've talked with Miranda, and hope to get this to professional edit sometime in March.

Below is a small moment where Dalton has Evot, Dalton's former VI turned AI (thanks Evaran!), investigating the hacking of a local Earth Ward safe house. Although Evot is not as advanced as V, she is still learning:

Dalton shook his head as Evot flagged some porn sites Mike had looked at. “Evot...I don’t need to know that.”
“It might be important. I didn’t know human waste could be used like that.”
Dalton grimaced. “Focus on anything unusual.”
“Isn’t that unusual?”
Dalton sighed. “Related to the hacking incident.”
“Of course.”

I hope your week has been going well!

Sunday Update Time!

- I've hit 65k on The Time Cube Trap, book 11 of the Evaran Chronicles. I'm at the halfway point between the book's midpoint and act 3. I've had alot of fun covering a unique species and how they function.

I'm at an action point and that darn time cube keeps messing around. One of the themes of this book is knowledge pollution and the impact it can have on a society. Of course, one question that has stumped Evaran so far is where did the time cube come from, and why is it doing what it is doing!

- I've finished the fourth pass on Redemption, book 5 of the Earthborn. I begin the fifth pass today. There is now only 15 days left before it goes to professional edit!

- I've written 5k on The Transition, The Dalton Files prequel. I enjoyed writing the first chapter. The first scene has Dalton helping Mikhail take down a nest of Blooded vampires dealing in human trafficking. It is an opportunity to display Dalton's abilities.

The second scene has Dalton talking with Jake Melkins at Lord Noskov's base. They share some similarities, but it's also an opportunity to cover why Dalton is on Earth, how he got there (summarized, of course), and what his future holds.

Dalton's first solo case is of particular interest to me as it deals with Brad Washington, a Wildborn technomancer who can talk to technology. Brad will become a part of Dalton's crew in Book 1 which is set seven years later.

- I'll be sending the pronunciation guide today to Michael Pauley for The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles. I'll also be setting up the ACX project!

- Speaking of audiobooks, I posted my first reddit post for US/UK Audible codes for The Evaran Chronicles Box Set: Books 1-3. While I've lurked there for the better part of a decade, I have only a handful of posts under my belt. I bit the bullet and posted, then ran out of US codes!


I hope you're enjoying the weekend!