I have lived all over the world as a military brat. It gave me an interesting perspective of the world growing up. I currently reside in Columbus , Ohio and work in the information technology field during the day. My free time is dedicated to reading, writing, gaming, walking, learning, and watching cool series!

I had a setting I had been kicking around in my head for the last twenty years or so. It wasn't until the last ten that it really began to solidify. My first venture into quantifying that world was making a computer role playing game (CRPG). Although I enjoyed it, I was doing more technical work than actually anything related to my world. That ended my journey into making a game.

After a few years at that, I began researching digital comic books. I had always been a voracious reader of comics, and saw that Comixology was supporting indie comics. I wrote six episodes of a season in Scrivener. However, it was the cost of making them that ended that journey. Unless you can draw, color, ink, edit, and letter, you were hiring those skills. They weren't cheap.

My journey into writing began after that in 2013. I noticed that I enjoyed writing the panel descriptions when I was doing comics. I put them into a seperate document, fleshed it out, and had a 50k first draft! I then checked on the status of the self publishing for indies, and it appeared to be viable. Since then, I have worked feverishly on translating my world to the written word.

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