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Series: The Earthborn

Book #: 5

Publisher: Quantum Edge Publishing

Published: March 18, 2020




Book 5 of the Earthborn

Sometimes a situation needs Earthborn.

With over half of the Fredorian Senate missing, Blake and the Exceltion crew are called to duty. Tasked with finding the senators, they will need every advantage they can get. It doesn’t help that Fredorian leaders Andia Kiggs and Rakar Ho Jador are among those who disappeared.

To make matters worse, the Saskarins have incited a Fredorian civil war. Fighting Saskarins is one thing, but fighting Saskarin-controlled Fredorians on Fredoria is another.

The crew will be pushed to their limits to find the missing people while dealing with the Saskarins at every turn. The situation requires unorthodox thinking—something Earthborn excel at. Although Earthborn are often looked down upon, redemption is at hand.

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Series Note

This book continues where Rogue, book 4 of The Earthborn left off. The Saskarins play their final cards, leaving Blake and crew to scatter to save not only themselves but Fredoria and their friends. Blake will call on every ally he can muster to fight back. Evaran makes an appearance at the end of this book.


Chapter One

Blake loved killing Saskarins, but having Sarah Olson sleep over in his bed ranked up there too. It was a quiet morning at the ambassadorial compound where the crew was quartered. Luke McGregor, Kane Walsh, and Doc, the Exceltion’s medical AI, were working on repairs on the Exceltion, while the rest of the crew was probably waking up. It felt like it would be a lazy day where everyone could relax.

It had been about a month since their last mission, and Blake took advantage of the downtime. He slid an arm around Sarah as she snuggled closer to him under the covers. He could get used to this.

His mind wandered over the previous mission. Although there was enough information for the Kreagans to act against the Saskarins in the Jeezarus system, the Kreagan Star Empire was slow to mobilize as always. Blake looked forward to watching their ninety-fifth Fleet dismantle the Saskarins. At the pace the Kreagans moved, it would be another week before they struck.

His senses picked up someone approaching the ambassadorial compound. He sat up and focused. It was almost 9:30 a.m., and based on the sound of the footsteps, the person was in a hurry and wore light armor. The guards at the outer gate must have let the person pass, but they usually did not let just anyone through that early in the morning. Blake’s curiosity was piqued. He slid out of bed and donned his armor. It did not hurt to be ready.

Sarah yawned as she stretched. “Hey. What’s going on?”

“Someone’s here, and the guards let them pass.”

Sarah rubbed her eyes. “This early?” She frowned. “You think it’s a problem?”

“I’m not sure yet,” said Blake. He motioned at her while grinning and baring his fangs. “Wait here. I might come back for more morning action.”

She laughed and threw a pillow at him.

He nodded at her and exited the room. The trip to the main entrance was short, and when he arrived, he sensed he had beaten the person to the door. He interacted with the nearby console, and as the doors slid open, he drew both of his blades and held them off to the side.

A startled man took a step back.

Blake could tell the guy worked for local law enforcement. They were a separate branch from the presidential guard, the Fredorian Defense Force, and the Fredorian rangers. Local law enforcement handled planetary affairs, and the person before Blake had a standard-issue beige-and-blue uniform. The badge on his upper right chest indicated this was a sergeant, which was unusual in itself.

The man looked around for a moment, then focused on Blake. “I’m Sergeant Willcrum, and I’m here on behalf of Bothan.”

“Bothan? Well, that’s new.”

“May I come in?”

Blake sheathed his blades. “Sure.”

Bothan was a presidential guard leader like Blake was. Bothan had been a Fredorian master ranger, and Blake had begun to look upon him as a close friend.

Sergeant Willcrum stepped inside, and the doors sealed. “You’ll want to get the rest of your group up for this.”

“What’s going on?” asked Blake.

“There’s been an attack on the senatorial tower. Bothan wanted me to deliver a message to your crew.”

Blake’s eyes narrowed. “An attack? I didn’t hear anything about that.”

“It happened a few hours ago. There’s been a media blackout.”

Blake accessed his forearm device. Sergeant Willcrum was right. Every attempt to access a media source failed.

“Okay,” he said. He motioned off in the distance. “Go down this hallway, and turn right. We have a meeting room of sorts there.”

Sergeant Willcrum nodded and took off.

Blake hustled to the rooms of Zane Gibbons, Kal Modan, and Seth Williams. Seth and Ada had been getting busy, while Zane and Kal had been fast asleep. Once Blake told them what Sergeant Willcrum had said, they moved at breakneck pace to get going and geared up. Sarah had on a robe when Blake got back to his room, but like the others, she could probably see the seriousness in his face.

Ten minutes later, the group had assembled in the cafeteria or, as Blake called it, the temporary meeting room.

Sergeant Willcrum had set up a small projector cube on one of the tables.

Blake joined him up front. “Kind of old school to send a messenger.”

“Bothan didn’t want any chance of his message being intercepted,” said Sergeant Willcrum, glancing at Ada.

“A wise choice,” said Ada.

“All right, let’s see what he has to say,” said Blake.

He interacted with his forearm device and connected to the projector.

An image of Bothan appeared above the projector. He wore green-and-brown medium armor and carried a striker assault rifle on his back. His face was dirtied like someone had blasted him with dust. Behind him stood Garvis Kohl, a politician the group had rescued on the previous mission.

“Blake, if you’re seeing this, then that means Sergeant Willcrum didn’t die on the way.”

Sergeant Willcrum’s eyes widened.

“Here’s the situation. The senatorial tower was destroyed early this morning. The full senate was not in session, but a large number of senators were there. As of now, Fredoria has lost over half of its government in one fell swoop.” Bothan licked his lips as he looked down. “Andia and Rakar were there too. However, we’ve scoured the rubble and haven’t found their bodies…yet. Same with a lot of senators.”

Blake gritted his teeth.

“The FDF has claimed power and declared martial law. They’re dropping their enforcers everywhere and are attempting to secure all transport off the planet. You need to get your unit off the planet now! The FDF claims your unit is responsible for the attack, and they’re actively searching for you.”

“What the fuck!” said Zane.

Blake motioned at Zane with a hand down.

Bothan continued, “Garvis Kohl was recently put back in power and, as of now, is the highest ranking government official. Law enforcement has deferred to him, and rangers loyal to Fredoria have as well. The rogue FDF have attacked anyone providing aid to Garvis.” He sighed. “Garvis and I are going to coordinate a resistance here on Fredoria. You need to get your unit out and see if you can get us some help. Only contact us in an emergency. A secure CID is attached to this message but can only be used on planet.”

The projection changed to show a bird’s-eye view of the ambassadorial compound and nearby buildings, one of which was highlighted.

“Doc will bring the Exceltion to the roof of that building in thirty minutes. Good luck,” said Bothan.

The display ended.

Blake sighed. “It sounds like we need to get ready for a trip.” He nodded at Sergeant Willcrum. “Thank you for bringing us this.”

“No problem.” Sergeant Willcrum scowled. “The FDF are traitors!”

“Not all are, I’m sure. I bet some are still loyal.”

Sergeant Willcrum cocked his head. “They dropped six enforcers at our station. Eleven officers died in the ensuing assault. We’ve regrouped, but I thought I would never see the day that Fredorians attacked Fredorians.”

“They’re probably slimed,” said Zane.

“What’s that?”

Blake sighed. “Long story. An alien species known as the Saskarins can control a body. We suspect they did this, and the FDF they control are making a move. Are you going to be okay?”

Sergeant Willcrum nodded. “What’s left of my unit is not too far away.”

“All right. Go to them, and thank you once again.”

Sergeant Willcrum moved to exit but paused to peer back. “So you’re aware, law enforcement is with you. In the past, it would have been odd that Earthborn were saving Fredoria, but your group has earned that respect. I just wanted you to know.”

Blake glanced at the group, then nodded at him.

Sergeant Willcrum exited the room.

“Damn, sounds like a civil war going on,” said Seth.

“Yeah. I almost want to stay and fight,” said Kal.

Blake shook his head. “The slimed FDF will be gunning for us specifically, and we can be of more value off planet.” He looked around. “Get what you need, then assemble near the entrance in ten minutes. We’ll move to the other building then.”

Scene Break

Seth surveyed his living quarters as Ada bustled around. A Fredorian civil war was the last thing he had expected. Andia and Rakar most likely being dead did not help things either. Seth was getting tired of people dying all around him.

This must be a Saskarin effort. It seemed they decided to pull the ultimate card and take down Fredoria while labeling the Exceltion crew as terrorists. That was not a new tactic, as they had done it with the Android Resistance as well.

“You’re not packing,” said Ada, gazing at him.

He grinned. “I’m wearing all I need, and you’re the only thing I require.”

They shared a deep kiss.

He pointed at a cabinet. “Well…maybe a few of those wearables might be good to take.”

Ada smiled as she walked over to the cabinet and put a few items in a metallic backpack.

“All right, I think we’re good. You need anything else?” he asked.

Ada looked around. “We have everything we need. The Exceltion can replicate whatever we missed.”

Seth slapped her on the rear, and they exited.

A few minutes later, they joined Blake and the others near the ambassadorial compound entrance.

The somber mood was palpable. Seth studied the group. Blake looked like he was ready to murder someone. He had been close to Rakar, and the thought of losing yet another friend must have been driving him mad. Zane and Kal fidgeted with their weapons. They were probably itching to retaliate in some way. Seth had on his heavier suit and a custom cape that split out as needed. It had proved useful in the previous mission. Ada had a similar one as well. Sarah had on a light armor suit with a slung striker.

“Listen up!” said Blake. “The building we need to reach is close. I’ve already peeked outside, and it’s a war zone out there. Stick close to each other, and if we come under fire, get behind Zane.” He slapped Zane’s chest. “His juggernaut suit can take a lot of punishment.”

“Fuck yeah,” said Zane, nodding.

Blake gestured at Seth and Ada. “Your capes as shields may come in handy too. However, I think the real fight will be once we reach the building. We have to get to the roof in time to meet the Exceltion. Now, I haven’t heard from them, so I’m relying on them getting the message that they need to be here. Otherwise, it’s gonna be messy. I’m going to scout ahead with my camouflage shielding. Stay a bit away from me, but follow my path. Understood?”

Everyone nodded.

“Good,” said Blake.

He tapped at his forearm device and vanished.

Seth saw Blake’s outline through his helmet visor. Camouflage shielding worked well but not against anything with heightened senses or thermal scan capability. Hopefully they would not run into anyone with either ability.

Blake dashed out of the compound. After he reached the gateway a short distance away, he motioned for the group to follow.

Zane took point with his shield out on his left arm and his hellthrower ready to go on his right side. Kal pulled out his dual pistols, and Sarah followed him. Seth covered the left, while Ada got the right. That way they provided coverage from all angles, with Sarah and Kal in the middle since he had the weakest armor and shielding.

Seth grimaced when they exited the compound grounds. Dead citizens lay in the street, and law enforcement officers were sprinkled among the corpses. They would have been no match against FDF enforcers.

Weapon fire, screaming, and shouting erupted in the distance, and smoke billowed in the air. If the FDF already attacked the city, then they would be at the ambassadorial compound soon. Blake must have sensed that because he moved at a fast pace. It surprised Seth that he had not heard anything, but the compound was soundproof for the most part.

“This is awful,” said Sarah.

Kal peered around. “Yeah, this shit sucks.”

“C’mon, let’s go,” said Seth. “Blake moves at one pace: his.”

After ten minutes, they had crossed a few streets and had arrived at the building entrance.

Several law enforcement officers were pinned behind a large concrete wall. Five FDF enforcers in black heavy armor took shots while weaving in and out between burnt vehicles.

“It’s time to introduce ourselves,” said Blake.

“About time,” said Zane.

He spun up his hellthrower and shredded the first enforcer.

Seth and Ada fired and took down the second one.

Kal’s rapid firing of his energy pistols and Sarah with her striker disabled the third enforcer’s shields.

Blake appeared behind the shieldless attacker and decapitated him.

The fourth and fifth combatants tried to retreat to a safer spot, but Zane’s hellthrower made quick work of them.

The group approached the officers who had come out from behind the wall.

“You guys okay?” asked Blake, deactivating his camouflage shielding.

One of the male officers stepped forward. “We are now. Appreciate the help. Bothan sent us to secure the entrance for you.”

Blake nodded. “All right. We’re here now. Get someplace safe.”

“Will do,” said the man. He barked at the others. “Good luck, and I hope you continue killing the bastards doing this to us.”

“We’ll do our best.”

The officer nodded and joined the others.

Seth realized that the officers probably did not know how deep the Saskarin infiltration had gone. To them, the attackers were traitors. Normally the group would take time to de-slime the enforcers, but time was short. There would be a lot to clean up when this was all over.

Blake motioned for the group to advance into the building.

As they entered, Seth took stock of the large, open area. It was clear of movement, and the fight outside had left its marks with stray projectiles.

“There,” said Blake, pointing at some stairs.

“Ahh shit, we gotta take the stairs?” asked Zane.

“You don’t want to be caught in an elevator if more enforcers come.”

Zane sighed. “Let’s get moving, then. It’s gonna take forever in this suit.”

They proceeded to the stairwell off to the right.

Seth noticed an unusual reading on the other side of the room. He peered back and focused. The outline of a humanoid appeared next to a pillar. It had what seemed like a weapon aimed forward, and thermal readings lined up with an FDF scout. Seth spun around and raised his weapon.

Blake paused and looked where Seth pointed.

Seth opened fire and lit up the scout’s shielding and disabled the camouflage shielding.

Ada stepped forward and shot her FHP-10.

The scout crumpled to the ground.

“Damn, they got invisible guys here now,” said Kal.

Blake nodded. “Yeah, which means we need to get the fuck to the roof.” He glanced at Seth. “You sensed it before I did.”

Seth chuckled. “It’s all good.”

“Indeed,” said Blake. He motioned at Zane. “Let’s go.”

They continued up until about two floors before the roof.

Blake’s eyes narrowed. “Sensing a lot of movement up ahead.”

“Me too,” said Seth. His sensors told him there were around eight or so humanoids walking on the floors above. “Plan?”

“Easy. It’s Zane time,” said Blake.

Zane barked and howled as he marched up the stairs. When they reached the next flight, he unloaded his hellthrower on two enforcers.

More came in from the roof.

Seth knew this was not going to be an easy fight. He sensed there was a ship outside and that more enforcers had landed on the roof. Whatever Doc, Luke, and Kane did, Seth hoped they did it fast. If the FDF sent enforcers to the building, then they knew where a majority of the Exceltion’s crew was at. It could never be easy.