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Released on: December 8, 2019


Book 10 Of The Evaran Chronicles

The past can be the future.

Dr. Albert Snowden enjoys traveling through time, but not when Ziekah, a timeline-traveling foe, sends him into the past against his will. Emily and V encounter Ziekah as well, leaving Evaran alone to determine where they were sent.

Ziekah’s crafty and she knows temporal mechanics well. She’s also ruthless, leaving altered timelines in her wake.

With the gang scattered through time, Evaran calls on old friends Jake Melkins and Jelton Stallryn, a Rift Guardian. Together, they will need to find the others while dealing with Ziekah and her timeline alterations.

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Released on: September 3, 2019


Book 4 of the Earthborn

Underestimate Earthborn at your own peril.

The Exceltion crew has been tasked with finding Bothan, a presidential guard commander, and his crew. The problem is that Blake Brown is missing.

To make matters worse, the Saskarin-controlled Shulon fleet has abandoned their empire to protect the remote Jeezarus system. Not only does the Exceltion crew need to find out what’s going on there, but they also need to find Blake.

The crew will have to adapt to new roles to locate Bothan and Blake while dealing with the Saskarins. One thing is for sure: never underestimate Earthborn.

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Book Cover

Released on: August 21, 2019


Book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles

The future sometimes needs help.

Evaran and the gang receive a summons to AD 514,723, approximately two hundred years before Earth is repopulated and becomes the seat of a galaxy-spanning empire. The problem is that the process has not been started on Earth.

To make matters worse, a threat from beyond this reality has been attacking the galaxy. Evaran and crew meet the Orions, an advanced civilization that has also been a victim of this new threat.

Evaran and crew are joined by Dr. James Bryson and Kess, an Orion. Together, they will need to deal with this threat and kick-start the unification of humanity with Earth as the center.

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The sample I chose is the first chapter.

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Wednesday Update Time!

- I hit 104k on The Time Cube, book 11 of the Evaran Chronicles. The big part of act 3 is done, and I'm now on two final wrap up chapters. This was one of the more interesting action sequences I've done, and something a little different, but as Evaran finds out, it always pays to have a child of the Torvatta in your life!

- Only sixteen days until I get back the edit for Redemption, book 5 of the Earthborn. I also got Alexa, my former proofreader, who did a lot of my earlier books, scheduled for March 16.

- I hit 30k on Transition, The Dalton Files prequel. I'm in act 3 now which is two chapters. I worked on the cover mockup, and I'm still playing with ideas. I've decided on the fonts and main graphic, now just messing with layout some. Tom mentioned that if I get him the cover brief, he might be able to slip it in mid April, so I'm spending some time here.

I hope your week is going well!