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Sunday Update Time!

- I finished the first draft of The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles! It hit 101k which is the average length of the other books in the series. I'm going to let it sit for a few days, then begin my full read Scrivener pass.

One of the fun aspects of this book is Jake's relationship to Evaran. It extends past Evaran's current plane form, and is highlighted several times. The concept of Evaran's anchor is disussed in some detail.

- I recieved the edit back for Rogue, book 4 of the Earthborn! I'll start revision on it tomorrow and I'm not sure how long it will take. That depends on how much was edited. I'm looking forward to starting it!

- The audiobook for The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles, is still in the "Headed To Retail" phase. I expect it to go live sometime this coming week. I realized when I was putting up the audiobook page for my website that the The Cosmic Parallel, book 8 of the Evaran Chronicles, audiobook came out on Dec 31, 2018, so it's been a while.

- In addition to starting the revision on Rogue, I'm now focusing on finishing the outline for book 5 of the Earthborn so I can begin writing on it.

I hope your weekend went well!

Friday Small Update Time!

- I hit 96.5k on The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles. I'm three scenes away from finishing the first draft. I enjoy this part of the manuscript as it allows for some interesting interactions. Jelton gets to talk with Lord Vygon and Lord Noskov as Evaran and the gang hang out at Lord Noskov's base. Jake gets an all access pass to visit the rift guardian's headquarters.

- My editor for Rogue, book 4 of the Earthborn, let me know she was halfway through the edit. I'm going to be busy near the end of the month when I get it back!

- I updated my website with the audiobook page for The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles:


Small Audio Update!

- The audiobook for The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles, is now in the "Headed to Retail" ACX phase! This is usually five to ten days, so I would expect it to be live on all retailers next week. I forgot to get the page up last weekend, so will get that up this week!

Sunday Update Time!

- I hit 92.5k on The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles. I'm a bit behind on the chronology, so I'll need to catch up on that, but I'm in the wrap up portion of the book now, which is about 2.5 chapters or so.

I enjoyed writing the exchange between Evaran and who the group is fighting against. The action was heavy the last few chapters, and Evaran uses a mix of misdirection and action.

- The audiobook for The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles, is still in "Pending Audio Review" for ACX. I'm guessing this week that it will pass on to the distribution phase. I'll of course post the update here!

- It's been one week of professional edit for Rogue, book 4 of the Earthborn. I'm looking forward to getting it back, hopefully before end of month!

- I had planned to get more outlining done on book 5 of the Earthborn, and I did do some, but the new series in 2020 ignited a fire in my mind. I sketched out the characters, first story, and of course the power levels/tie-in to the Evaranverse.

For the new series, think Harry Dresden style, but with an alien cyborg interacting with the nonhuman world and Earth Ward. If I had to classify it, I would say it was Urban Science Fantasy. The killer clown case Evaran did in The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles, is a sample of the type of stories there, although Evaran has a few advantages. :) A lot of familiar places would be in it, such as Safrica, and names as well, such as Lord Vygon, Jake Melkins, etc. Fun stuff to think about!

I hope your weekend has gone well!

An Audio Update!

All audio files have been submitted to ACX for The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles! It is in ACX's "Pending Audio Review" stage, and once they're satisfied, it will go on to the actual publishing of the audiobook. It's a waiting game now!

Wednesday Update Time!

- I hit 87k on The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles. Evaran and the gang are approaching a portal to another reality. I'm having a lot of fun writing about the reality they're in at the moment. I have four chapters left and an epilogue before the first draft is done!

The next few chapters are going to be interesting to write. I already have it outlined, and it has already been played in my head. A new tactic of the Torvatta is revealed, as well as some more information on a former antagonist.

- Today is the third day of professional edit for Rogue, book 4 of the Earthborn. I'm looking forward to getting it back in a few weeks!

- I received the updated audio files for The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles. There's another round, then it's publish time! I'll be getting my website ready for the new page and retail sample over the weekend. Depending on length, I'm hoping the the retail sample will have the killer clown in it!

- In terms of planning, I'm working on the following:
---Book 11 of the Evaran Chronicles: I have the setting already defined, and the general outline of the story. This is a deep dive into a technologically advanced city.
--- Book 5 of the Earthborn outllining
--- New series high-level plotting for next year

- I was saddend by the season endings of season six of both "Agents of Shield" and "The 100". Their final seasons are next year. However, college football starts in seventeen days!

I hope your week is going well!

Sunday Update Time!

- I hit 84k on The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles! Evaran and the gang have gone through a junction dimension connection. It was fun writing the environment for that as it's a bit different than what they've seen so far.

I'm on track to finish the first draft this month. I still have about six chapters, roughly 18k, to write, so this will break 100k like the other books. After a month of self-edits, it should be ready for a professional edit by early October. That puts it into a early November release.

- Monday is the first official professional edit day for Rogue, book 4 of the Earthborn. When it comes back in three to four weeks and after the final revision, I have two proofreaders and a text to speech pass lined up and ready to go. If everything goes as planned, this is looking like a September launch.

- I am narrowing down the next series after the Earthborn, and believe I have a good series premise. I'll toil on it a bit longer and sketch out the series and first book to see if it makes sense.

With two series under my belt, I have some experience now in how a new series should start, what needs to be there, and how it should flow. I still like the idea of standalone books in a series, and think it could work with what I have planned.

I hope you've enjoyed your weekend!

Wednesday Update Time!

- I hit 80k on The Portal Effect, Book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles! The group is in the thick of things as they explore the realm between a junction dimension and our reality. Dr. Snowden really doesn't like the root-like environment with vines! Jake gets to use Dr. Bryson's PSD from the previous adventure, but to Dr. Snowden and Emily's surprise, Jake already knows how to use it effortlessly. Hmm... :)

- I sent off Rogue, book 4 of the Earthborn to my editor today. Although the official edit date is Aug 4, I've gone as far as I can go self-edit wise, so now it's in the hands of a professional. I am going to try the Text to Speech functionality of Microsoft Word when I get it back after edit and proofread.

- No word from Michael yet on the audiobook for The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles. Hopefully it's soon!

- I'm still in outline mode for the fifth and final book of the Earthborn. It's the next book in the queue to be written, and I plan to start that next month.

- Avengers:Endgame hit digital, and I watched it last night! It was epic as expected. What surprised me is they did a time travel trope that is in the The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles. I won't give it away, but it was interesting. I love seeing all these characters from other movies come together, but be warned, there may be some misty eyes on some scenes. .

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been awesome to this point. I've read Marvel since I was a kid, and loved it's expansive worldbuilding, characters, and stories. The Marvel universe has had the largest influence on the Evaranverse in regard to worldbuilding concepts. It was a good teacher, and I love seeing what they're doing in films! I can't wait for The Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Blade to come.


When I was writing the last chapter (I'm now in Act 3), there is a scene where the Torvatta is flying over the dense misty forests of Gezelrus with the morning sun rising and alien creatures flying around. I had this playing in the background:


It lined up so well with the scene. Everyone on the roof, Evaran with hands clasped behind his back, Jelton with his arm around Emily's waist, Dr. Snowden enjoying the view with his hands on the guardrail looking out, V in projected mode at the console, and Jake soaking in everything and reflecting on where he is and how far he has come. There are moments like this in other books where the background music lines up with what I'm writing. It's cool when that happens!

Sunday Update Time!

- I hit 75.5k on The Portal Effect, book 10 of the Evaran Chronicles. I'm on the last scene before Act 3. I enjoyed writing about the Rift Guardian's prison planet in a lot more detail compared to The Cosmic Parallel, book 8 of the Evaran Chronicles. Jake sure has his mind blown!

The group is preparing itself for a journey to the nightmare lands as Jelton calls it, One theme that weaves itself throughout this story is that of Evaran and V's future incarnations. There's still about five books before The Second Evaran Chronicles starts, and some of those hints are dropped in this book!

- I got my final word count for my editor for Rogue, book 4 of the Earthborn. I also finished the final pass. It goes to my editor in a week. Like Rimworlds, this book has several plotlines going on at once, and a side of Blake that is rarely seen is visited.

- Michael is still working on the updates from my notes for the audiobook of The Unification, book 9 of the Evaran Chronicles. I'm hoping to get the updated audio and publication submission to ACX this week!

- I watched Netflix's "Another LIfe" this weekend. It's a show about holographic AI's, space ships, alien artifacts, and it had Katie Sackhoff as the captain and lead, along with Samuel Anderson (Clara's boyfriend from Capaldi's Dr. Who run).

I liked it overall, but it reminded me of two narrative aspects that drive me nuts. The ending scene as the beginning, with a "X hours earlier" approach, and flashbacks galore. I did like the aliens and science discussions, although the crew of everyone under 30 who looked like they stepped out of a modeling magazine was an interesting choice. Nonetheless, check it out if you're looking fror a 10 episode sci-fi drama in space!