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Book 4 of the Evaran Chronicles

In the year 3104, United Planets Agent Jane Trellis finds new hope in cracking the illegal augment trade when time travelers Dr. Albert Snowden; his niece, Emily; V; and Evaran arrive at Roeth, a planet 740 light-years away from Earth.

With Jane’s new allies, she can finally check out the Dyson bubble that is under quarantine. On a personal note, she hopes to discover more about how her husband died while working there.

Experiencing timeline changes, meeting multiple timeline versions of people, rooting out a timeline anomaly, and facing off against a timeline threat were not things Jane had envisioned herself ever doing, yet she finds herself in the middle of all those issues. Becoming a time refugee was definitely not on her list of things to do.

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Book 5 of the Evaran Chronicles, The Evaran Origin, is currently being prepped for development/copyedit in mid February.

Phase: Third Draft

Book 6, currently untitled, is in the planning stages

Phase: Planning

My second series, tentatively titled The EarthBorn, is a dark space opera and follows a group of freelancers. It takes place shortly after book 2 of the Evaran Chronicles and in that setting. It is slated for a release later in 2017. I am working on the prequel now.

Phase: Prequel First Draft



The Evaran Chronicles is a science fiction series that follows the adventures of the traveler Evaran. He travels through space, time, and other realities via his ship: the Torvatta. Accompanying him is his trusty flying orb named V. Evaran also travels with humans, such as Dr. Albert Snowden and his niece, Emily, and Jake Melkins. Themes explored include time travel, space exploration, parallel worlds, the multiverse, the planeverse, dimensional realms, aliens, alternate history, technology, non-humans on Earth and beyond, and what-if scenarios.

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The Arrival


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The Awakening

Book 1

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The Fredorian Destiny

Book 2

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The Purification

Book 3

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The Time Refugee

Book 4

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Box Set

Books 1-3

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